Tam Otomatik Halı Yıkama Makinesi (Paslanmaz Çelik) - GarMak Makine

Automatic Carpet Washing Machines

Approx. It takes 3 min for carries out a wetting-detergent, brushing, rubbing and washing then roller brushing, roller pressing, vacuum rinsing, bottom sweeping and automatic roll winding process on a 6 m² carpet .

Carpet Wringing Centrifugal Machine

Carpet wringing machine is an indispensable machine for carpet washing plants. Without this product, carpets needs to be dried between 4 to 7 days . The carpet waiting for a long time and may be dust stuck on it again due to moisture. Carpet delivery can be reduced to 1 day by overcoming these troubles with roller centrifugal carpet wringing machine. The carpets dryness is from 90 to 95% after using this machine.


Carpet Dust Removing Machine

Carpet Dusting Machine

This product can be used for removing yarn pieces, house mites, unwanted dusts and foreign matter in the pile before carpet washing. It is an industrial carpet dusting and flapping machine that removes and vacuums solid carpet dirt quickly from the carpet. You can accelerate the washing process by over 50% and save money on consumables.

Otomatik Süpürge Halı Hav Alma ve Paketleme Makinesi

Carpet Sweeping & Packaging Machine

This machine is an industrial carpet sweeping and packaging machine that quickly brushes and vacuums carpet dirt such as pile breaks, hair, and so on.. remaining on the carpet after carpet washing. Thanks to this product, you can make final control, stain control, perfuming and packaging for washed and dried carpets.




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