• Carpet Dusting Machine
  • Carpet Dusting Machine
  • Carpet Dusting Machine

Industrial Carpet Dusting Machine :

This product can be used for removing yarn pieces, house mites, unwanted dusts and foreign matter in the pile before carpet washing. It is an industrial carpet dusting and flapping machine that removes and vacuums solid carpet dirt quickly from the carpet.

You can accelerate the washing process by over 50% and save money on consumables. The carpet is applied to the machine through its reverse surface and vibrates from the rear surface at 1200 strokes per minute and 600 strokes per minute from the front surface. The vacuum unit, which is supplied with the machine and has high suction power, transfers the dust of the stainless beater to the dust bag thanks to the strong air flow.

At the end of the process the carpet surface is ready for washing and provides a comfortable wash.

  • Carpet Dust remover machines are working with conveyor belt system.
  • The carpet entering in the machine on front side getting out from rear part :  Wavy,  Vibrated & The dust is collected in the vacuum bag .
  • Robust chassis and strength band suitable for long working period, It was produced with great strength.
  • The user friendly button panel meaning comfort for you.
  • You can run the machine with a single worker.With this product you can easily remove dust from 2000 m² of carpets in 8 hour of continuous working per day .

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