Carpet Fluffing and Packing Machines, Industrial Roller Brushed Carpet Sweeper

Pile is the upright yarn of the carpet. The Carpet Fluff Remover is an industrial carpet sweeping and packaging machine that quickly brushes and vacuums the fluffs, hair, house dust and similar carpet dirt on the carpet after carpet washing. Thanks to this product, you can make final control, stain control, perfumery and packaging on washed and dried carpets.

In some carpet types, excessive fluff formation occurs after washing. If these carpets are not subjected to the final control process, they will cause an extremely dirty appearance. This product, which performs many processes including fluff embossing and polishing in such carpets, facilitates the control before the delivery of the carpets to the customer and provides confidence to the master who does the work.

Thanks to the LED lighting, the stains on the carpet are easier to see, and it provides a quick stain control opportunity for the inspecting master.

Since the product is used in the finishing phase of carpet washing, it facilitates the quality control process that companies need so much, and it is used to comb and fluff up carpet piles.  The dust extraction unit with 4000 m³ suction power supplied with the machine  transfers the dust and fluff fragments removed by the 4 helix brushes while rotating at 1500 RPM to the dust bag thanks to the strong air flow and provides a hygienic shine on the carpet surface. Sufficient fluffing up of carpet piles makes the carpet feel renewed.

Bottom brushing is provided with the roller brush located at the entrance. Before the carpet becomes a roll, the dust on its back surface has fallen. In this way, it is prevented from dusting again when it is rolled.

Thanks to the roll carpet bag apparatus on it, the carpet that is wrapped in rolls is packed in bags. It becomes ready for service.

PRODUCT CODEP6025P6030P7035P8042
Belt Width2.5 m3 m3.5 m4.2 m
Roll Sweeper4 Pcs4 Pcs4 Pcs4 Pcs
Vacuum4000 m³4000 m³4000 m³5000 m³
Speed6 m/min6 m/min6 m/min6 m/min
Electricity Consumption6 kw/h6 kw/h7 kw/h8 kw/h
Bottom Sweeper
Led Lighting
Roll Up
Electric Power*3 Phaze
380 Volt
50 Hz
3 Phaze
380 Volt
50 Hz
3 Phaze
380 Volt
50 Hz
3 Phaze
380 Volt
50 Hz
Guarantee1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Width310 cm360 cm410 cm480 cm
Length170 cm170 cm170 cm170 cm
Height150 cm150 cm150 cm150 cm
AccessoriesRoll Bag Hanger, Carpet ReservoirRoll Bag Hanger, Carpet ReservoirRoll Bag Hanger, Carpet ReservoirRoll Bag Hanger, Carpet Reservoir
Weight1200 kg1350 kg1550 kg1750 kg
* Optionally, 60 Hz can be produced.
- Production is also made for special sizes.



Carpet Fluff Picking and Packaging Machines work with conveyor belt system.

After being washed and dried, the carpets entering from the front of the fluff removal machine come out from the back as brushed, vacuumed and wrapped in rolls suitable for packaging.

  • It has been produced with the strength suitable for the long working tempo of carpet washing factories with its solid chassis and durable band.
  • The button panel, which is very easy to use, does not tire you.
  • You can operate the machine with only one person.
  • With this product, you can easily pack 200 m² of carpet as a result of 1 hour of continuous work per day.

In line with the training to be given after the entire mechanical and electrical system of our machine is installed, the staff at the front of our machine

  •  program the machine and place the carpet flat on the tape after classifying the carpets and making a preliminary check,
  • ensures the regular operation of the machine,
  • sets the speed of the band,
  • sets the appropriate brush pressure,
  • checks the carpet surface, takes any stains, stops the machine and intervenes,
  • helps to wrap the carpet neatly.

The staff at the back also performs stain control and perfumery

  • then packs the finished carpet and makes it ready for service.

While the machine is in operation,

  • Do not lean on the band!
  • Do not put your hand between the rollers and gears!

While the machine is in operation,

  • between the belt and the rollers,
  • nothing other than carpet should be placed under the brush and vacuum.

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