• Carpet Wringing Centrifugal Machine
  • Carpet Wringing Centrifugal Machine
  • Carpet Wringing Centrifugal Machine

Information on Industrial Pipe Type Carpet Drying Machine

This product can be produced in 2.5 meter to 4.2 meter inner drum length. The product was designed in 2011 . The product suspension system is provided with air bellows and operates with less vibration than the wheeled model and has a longer life. (The product suspension system can be adapted to all wheeled models.)

The Importance of Carpet Wringing Machine
Carpet wringing machine is an indispensable machine for carpet washing plants. Without this product, carpets needs to be dried between 4 to 7 days . The carpet waiting for a long time and may be dust stuck on it again due to moisture. Carpet delivery can be reduced to 1 day by overcoming these troubles with roller centrifugal carpet wringing machine. The carpets dryness is from 90 to 95% after using this machine. The dust, skin rash and mites in the carpet are removed from the carpet exiting with water.

The Importance of Centrifuge in Carpet Drying
The carpet from this machine become ready to be packed by drying completely in about 2 to 8 hours in opened drying area at normal temperature. Drying rooms can be lowered to 2 hours in specially heat-treated drying rooms.

Carpet Wringing Machine
The carpet Wringing machine can also be used for rinsing as well as drying the carpet. Gar-Mak, which first added this feature to the machine in 2005, made it quite easy to rinse the washed-out carpet completely. Carpets that are not thoroughly rinsed are hardened by the effect of chemicals. In addition, while the carpet is being squeezed out, the brilliance and softness are achieved. In order to provide extra softness, softening chemical diluted with water may be applied on the carpet after stripping.

Roll Centrifuge – Boiler Type Centrifuge Comparison
The roll carpet wringing machine is quite comfortable compared to the boiler type centrifuges that were used in the past and still being used in some companies. In the case of boiler type centrifuges, the carpet is rolled longitudinally and the bagel is placed in the bowl. You have to struggle for at least 1 minute to fold a carpet in this way in average size. In addition, since wet carpets are at least 5 times heavier than their weight, placing them in the machine also increases workmanship. The carpets that can not be placed properly in the machine can break, even some old and hard built carpets can be torn in boiler type centrifuges. Despite these disadvantages, these machines still continue to be used for the processing of large cargoes.



Carpet Wringing Machines

  • It has tube-type roller centrifugal technology that provides squeezing function without breakage.
  • It has a squeezing power of 90% to 95% in 2 to 5 minutes in the washed cycle.
  • Inner drum material is produced from 304 quality chrome-nickel blended stainless steel with guaranteed life-time corrosion in aqueous processes.
  • The outer drum is made of hard steel, protected by Epoxy paint for anti-rusting.
  • Anti Shock and vibration suspension bellows is used .
  • The cover is manufactured with a practical locking system that allows opening and closing with one motion.
  • The cover is a clutch system, manufactured according to general safety conditions.
  • Electric system can be produced with time counter and magnetic brake depending on demand.
  • Maintenance and use is very easy.
  • The product is guaranteed for 2 years.
  • The carpet is wrapped in the same way and thrown into the machine. (The final stage of the carpet must be in the same direction as the motor rotation direction.)
  • According to the carpet type, the time counter is set between 2 seconds and 5 minutes. (Some stitches may require more sewing frequency or 5 minutes for machines.)
  • The machine is started and the rinsing water is opened after 20 seconds.
  • After a while all the water that has penetrated into the body is expected to be thrown away.
  • Depending on demand, the installed timer automatically stops and brakes when the time has elapsed.
  • The carpet is wrapped around the machine and pulled out.
  • Thanks to the roll centrifugal technology .

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