Approx it takes 3 min for carries out a wetting-detergent, brushing, rubbing and washing then roller brushing, roller pressing, vacuum rinsing, bottom sweeping and automatic roll winding process on a 6 m² carpet .

The automatic carpet washing machine offers extra capacity for firms that can wash over 250 m2 of carpets per day and provides the opportunity to save on time, water and electricity.

Using X series carpet washing machine will eliminate hand washing mistakes and washing 1500 m2 carpets per 10 hours daily, saving electricity consumption, Which means more carpets with less electricity.

Conveyor belt type washing machine is also very useful in terms of laying the carpet . The dirty carpets which lays on front of the machine are supplied with detergent and water and then brushed, rubbed and also brushed from the back then rinsed with pressurized water.

By the two line of circular brushes and rolled brushes provide uninterrupted cleaning .

To operate this machine at full capacity, you need 2 carpet spinning machines.

Full Automatic Vacuum Carpet Washing Machines works with belt conveying system. Dirty carpet come from dusting machine inter in the front of washing machine on its back side .
Detergent coated,
Water Wet - Brushed,
squeezed with roller,
( rubbing, stripping ) and rinsed with water, 
Vacuumed and Wrapped .
The carpet comes out in a wrapped form suitable for the wringing machine..

All of our machinery is guaranteed to be free from corrosion for life 304 Quality Produced from European chrome steel, you can wash colored carpets and delicate carpets with our machine.
Robust chassis and strength band are manufactured to suit the long working temp of carpet washing plants.

Its easy to use Touch panel which working with customer friendly Program .
Our machine is operated with 1 worker ( noncontinuous ) and works seamlessly with 2 workers ( continuously ).
You can easily wash 2,000 m² of carpeting per day in a continuous working period of 10 hours with 2 staff in our machine.

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