• Carpet Sweeping & Packaging Machine
  • Carpet Sweeping & Packaging Machine
  • Carpet Sweeping & Packaging Machine
  • Carpet Sweeping & Packaging Machine
  • Carpet Sweeping & Packaging Machine
  • Carpet Sweeping & Packaging Machine

Carpet Sweeping & Packaging Machine with Industrial Sweeping Roller Brush

This machine is an industrial carpet sweeping and packaging machine that quickly brushes and vacuums carpet dirt such as pile breaks, hair, and so on.. remaining on the carpet after carpet washing. Thanks to this product, you can make final control, stain control, perfuming and packaging for washed and dried carpets.

In some carpet kinds, excessive spots appear after washing. If these carpets are not subjected to final inspection, they will cause an extremely dirty appearance. This product, which performs many operations including such things as embossing and polishing in such situations, makes it easy to control and inspect the carpet from spots and any dirty remains before delivery to the customers and ensures the work is safe and clean .

Thanks to the LED lighting, the stains on the carpet are easier to see, allowing the controlling operator to quickly check the stains.

Since the product is used at the finishing stage of the carpet washing business, it is used to facilitate the quality control process which is much needed by the companies and to scan and emboss carpet fur.

Supplied with the machine, the dust suction unit with 4000 m³ suction power transfers dust and pile collected by 4 helical brushes rotating at 1500 RPM to dust bag thanks to strong air flow and provides hygienic shine on the carpet surface. The sufficient embossing of the carpet piles makes the carpet feel refreshed.

Sub-brushing is provided with the roller brush located at the entrance. Dust on the rear surface is swept without the carpet being rolled.

Finally the carpet wrapped in a roll  and packed thanks to the rolled carpet bag on top. The service becomes ready.

Carpet sweeping and packaging machine works with conveyor belt system.

The carpet coming from dryer and put on front of the machine .

Over and Over Brushed, Vacuumed, brushed from bottom and rolled up in a wrapped form suitable for packing.

  • Robust chassis and strength band suitable for long working period, It was produced with great strength.
  • The user friendly button panel meaning comfort for you.
  • You can run the machine with a single worker.
  • With this product you can easily sweep & pack 200 m² of carpets in 1 hour of continuous working .

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